Powells Books: they sell and they BUY

Powells Books is an iconic Portland landmark that takes up a full city block but feels like a rabbit warren of intimate spaces and temptations.

Aside from selling almost any book on almost any subject, they also BUY books. What a great service to the community (and a profit center for them, most decidedly).

So I loaded up my car with FIVE boxes of books culled from the eight bookcases in my house and hauled them in to sell this afternoon. They took half of them and gave me $120 cash (could have had more if I’d taken store credit…). As far as I am concerned it’s a win-win situation.

Today’s load just scratched the surface of my own mini Powells at home.  Hundreds more books to go. If I’m lucky, I can get a little cash for 30% of them – the rest will have to be donated to the annual Friends of the Library sale.

Meanwhile, I need to develop a set of criteria for what stays and what goes. And I must remind myself that 90% of my books can be found in a library or used online if I ever MUST have one back.


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