Forget New Year’s Resolutions; pick a “theme”

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago, because they were inevitably doomed to failure. Instead I’ve picked a THEME for the year – a word or phrase that indicates a path, focus, attitude, or way of being to attend to.

Last year was  “Completion.”  I’m embarrassed to say that I’d forgotten completely about that theme until I just read it in my journal entry for New Year’s Day 2008. Obviously I never figured out how to keep the idea in front of me!

I’m trying again this year and have picked “Now is the Time!”  — for several reasons:

  • Time is precious!! No, I really MEAN IT. And it’s quickly slipping through my fingers. Do I want to spend it dealing with my STUFF??? or living my one precious life…
  • The present moment is all there is and I want to be present for it.
  • Dithering on decisions COSTS energy – especially decisions as minor as to whether to keep or toss a piece of paper.

  • After dithering about finalizing the divorce for SEVEN years of legal separation, NOW IS THE TIME to complete it.

The question is: How do you keep a mantra up front in the brain several times a day for a year?  What will remind me that NOW IS THE TIME?

Jonathan Mead, guest poster on Zen Habits suggests that you set up some kind of environmental trigger – sitting in a certain chair, massaging your temples or changing your breathing. He also notes that it helps to engineer the attentional feng shui of your room – looking at your space and see what kind of triggers it sets off in you. Are they reinforcing your passions and your goals?

I should probably put a pillowcase over my monitor (or turn it off) for much of the day, because the activity on the screen sucks me into the internet vortex and suddenly it’s too late to do the downsizing project of the day.

My current reminder plan is to say out loud “NOW IS THE TIME!”  whenever I write the date on a check or a time on my calendar  Hopefully that will remind me to breathe deeply and ask myself, “what’s happening right now?” and “what should be happening right now?”




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3 responses to “Forget New Year’s Resolutions; pick a “theme”

  1. Splodge!

    Excellent! And so inspiring! This resonates with me in so many areas… I’ll have to link here when I do my own post about now seizing the moment.

  2. I wear a small silver disc on a chain around my neck on which the word “Peace” is etched. When I’m about to respond as the cranky aging crone that I am, I take hold of the disc, repeat the word over and over as I take several deep breaths. That has become my mantra over the last few months.
    As for ‘Now is the Time,’ it really is all there is. Perhaps it is said best in Psalms: 118 “This is the day we are given. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Namaste’, MES

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