101 reasons to downsize: #10 freedom

Imagine being free enough from chores around the house and yard, free enough from maintaining the Stuff of your life, that you can just take off for a whole day, without worry.

I’m not yet at all free, but today I decided to pretend I was.  Instead of whacking at dandelions, changing the catbox,  and wringing my hands in dismay as the dust bunnies gather under the couch, I took off for an exploration of  the Columbia River Gorge with four friends.

All the requisites were present for a perfect day: fresh air, good friends, new vistas,  and stimulation of my higher functions.  I kept thinking, “I’ve GOT TO GET OUT MORE!!”

When you’ve got more house and yard than money or time to maintain, and more projects than you’ve got energy to complete, something’s gotta change.

I need to have less, be responsible for less.  What keeps me stuck in my cocoon then?

Too much comfort with the status quo.  Inertia.

Cocoons are all well and good, but this butterfly is ready to break out.  Besides, my cocoon has become way too big for a little inchworm like me.

I need to re-slant my perspective on downsizing – not what do I need to give up (painfully), but what a cool life I am moving towards.


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