Sunshine and selling stuff don’t mix.

Here in the Pacific northwest we’re used to gray skies for several months of the year.  People may grumble about the absence of sunshine, but there is at least one significant up side to the dusky light:

You can’t see how dirty or dinged your stuff is. You don’t see the cobwebs, the cat’s noseprints on the windows, the greasy streaks on the oven door. And you don’t realize how funky that old oak bureau really is – faded over here, scratched over there, and the drawers refuse to shut straight. Unfortunately I want to sell the old oak bureau. And the big (scratched) executive desk. And the (faded) Victorian chair.

The sun has been out for two days straight, and I’ve seen the light; serious cleaning is in order.  This house is almost 40 years old… I’m thinking I shouldn’t put it on the market till the sun backs off a bit!


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