Selling sheet music on eBay

In my younger years I played several instruments, in genres from blues to bluegrass to classical.  This means I’ve got BOXES of music going back to the dawn of time. Instructional CDs and tapes too.


I hate to think how much money was invested in this collection – and though some of it is a bit chewed up, Bach hasn’t changed his notes, the blues are still the blues, and the chords to Arkansas Traveler still hold.

SOMEONE should want this stuff. SOMEONE should be willing to pay a discount price for it. I certainly couldn’t just toss it.

Yesterday I posted the books which have current ISBN numbers on, eBay’s little sister.  I listed a few that are more arcane on eBay.  Half charges a small percent of the sale price after you sell, but eBay charge you a listing price as well.

After I listed several items I decided to research how well such stuff actually sold.

Put it this way… it’s clear that a huge percentage of listings never sell at all, so where eBay is making its money is in those little listing charges. A LOT of little listing charges.

The other problem is – it takes time to write up a listing. One or two items – not so bad. Twenty items, many of which will sell for only $5 if I’m lucky???  Maybe not worth it after all.

After 7 days if the eBay stuff hasn’t sold I’ll try something else.

This is so painful – not just letting go of the music books, but also of the musician I once was and never will be again, at least not at that level…



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2 responses to “Selling sheet music on eBay

  1. Chuck

    You may not get the highest return, but I would check Powell’s. When PJ stopped playing the piano, we took boxes of sheet music and books in and they bought virtually everything. Much less selective than they can be with books.

    And, for Pete’s sake, take the store credit, not cash. Even if you’re downsizing (there has to be a better word) and don’t want to buy more books (hah!), you have a ready-made budget for gifts.

    June 14th is my birthday, if you wanna practice.

    • Thanks! I will try Powells. Do you know if they take instructional CDs etc as well?

      And I agree… there has to be a better word than “downsizing”. What is the best word or phrase that describes this process that so many of us are going through, because we want to simplify, cut costs, move more nimbly through the world, reduce our carbon footprint… etc etc etc etc. It has to be one that someone googling for help might find.

      You come up with it and you get a birthday dinner from me. (PJ can come too…).

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