How much is my time worth to sell this stuff??

I have listed a bunch of things on-line, which means I had to describe the thing in enticing terms, photograph it, figure out how much to ask for it, and go through the posting hoops.  Time-consuming. Nibbles on most of the stuff not happening.

dscf3117I also made a trip over to Powells Books in Portland this morning with three and a half boxes of great books, sheet music and instructional CDs. They took about 20 books and gave me $74. More time spent. I now have to figure out to whom to give the remaining almost three boxes.

Books and sheet music are sacred things in my universe. A happy home must be found for them. So I’m bringing some to the Friends of the Library and some to our magnet school for the arts. Another trip and another hour to distribute those. Sigh.

As of today I’ve pocketed about $150 for merchandise that probably cost $1,000 new and it took many hours to “earn” it.

Already the take-away lesson is shockingly clear: the value of a purchase plunges steeply the minute you take it out of its wrapper at home — and if you need to sell it, expect little or nothing in return, and expect it to eat away at your time.

Buying something new makes NO sense any more unless you plan to use the thing to death.  It’s much much smarter to buy used if you must have it, or to rent, borrow or share if you need it only briefly.



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2 responses to “How much is my time worth to sell this stuff??

  1. Susan

    Many years ago, I stopped buying books unless I had borrowed them first from the library and felt that I really really had to have my own copy. And started using Amazon’s pre-owned book lists to buy most of those I eventually wanted to keep.
    And most of the things I’ve pared away from my life have been given to Goodwill, donated to non-profits, or given to acquaintances. The hunt for the best price for used things just takes up too much time. If someone offers to pay for something, I just tell them to “pass it on”, and do a kindness to someone else someday.
    So, do you play the violin? or just like violin music?

  2. Susan –
    Several people have suggested the pleasures of giving stuff away outweigh the possible financial rewards of selling it. I’m working on it. As a yankee, I’ve found it hard to let go of something that cost real money. Lots of spiritual lessons in non-attachment here for me.

    Yes I do play the violin. And the guitar. Not as well as I used to, and not very often these days… that pains me too. I repeat – lots of spiritual lessons here!

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