I had a dream: burglars took everything!

burglarThis downsizing thing must be weighing on me… last night I dreamed I returned from a day out of town and found the police at my house because neighbors had seen some strangers hauling stuff from my house.

The dream house was considerably larger than my present home. When I walked in to assess the damage I was astonished to discover that almost every room was empty – they’d even taken the carpets.

Only one room had something left: an iron cot of the sort that slept on at camp decades ago, with sagging metal springs and a mattress so ancient it was grooved thin in the center. A few summer dresses remained in the closet.

My first thought was, “I wish they’d finished the job – how am I going to get rid of that cot?”

My second thought was, “Thank God – the hard decisions have been made for me!”

And my third thought was, “I wonder how much the insurance company will reimburse me… I could get some cool NEW stuff.” (Incorrigible!)

Then I woke up.


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