Stuff: never mind the quality; feel the width…

tailor_measuring_2“Never mind the quality; feel the width…”  a catch phrase popularized on a “60s British comedy show about two Jewish tailors always trying to palm off cheap materials on their customers.

I was going to do a spreadsheet inventory of everything I own,  marking a “K” by each thing I planned to Keep and an “X” by everything I wanted to get rid of.  The reward would be in seeing progress as X’d things were deleted.

But after inventorying two minor rooms (entry hall and guest bath)  I realized the process could go on till the Second Coming — and if everyone was raptured except unbeliever me , nobody would be left on earth to buy my stuff. Plus you’ve got to be pretty anal to list every book and piece of music.

So I decided that I’d start counting that sort of stuff in shelf inches instead.   Feel the width!

Here’s how I measured up this week:

  • Sold 24″ of books to Powells for $74
  • Gave a 20″  selection of political and gardening books to our Democratic Party for the annual auction.
  • Bringing 42″ of books to the Friends of the Library sale
  • Gave 6″ of sheet music to the local arts magnet school
  • Bringing 3″ of choral music to our church choir director
  • Tossed 4″ of ancient violin music in the recycle bin

That’s 99″ (8’3″). Seems like a lot, but almost every room in my house has bookshelves, so there’s much much more where that came from.  I’ll measure and report back…


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