Baby steps on eBay

ebay-logoLast week I listed four items on eBay: a collection of vintage “Reprints from SingOut!” which are probably worth about $25 (sold for $3  – oh well); a set of 6 CDs on ear training for improvising musicians (sold for $20 -yay!); a CD-music set Bluegrass workout (sold for $12 – yay!).  $35 more in the kitty!

Thank god the fourth item got no bids, because I suddenly realized that it was in the batch of stuff I delivered to the Friends of the Library…

You do not want to besmirch your eBay 100% rating.

Building a good eBay reputation

I started selling online last year in a very modest way on, eBay’s little sister, where mostly books, CDs, DVDs and games sell for fixed prices.  My geek son had suggested that this was a good way to get a good reputation as an eBay seller, so that when I wanted to sell things of greater value on eBay proper, I wouldn’t be viewed as an amateur who could screw things up or be dishonest.

Still, I spent altogether too much time tonight watching the bidding for these three items, rooting for the underdog, waiting to see if the price would go up again… and in two cases it jumped at the last second, which was nice.

I know that people have all sorts of fancy eBay buying systems – what I don’t know yet is if there are some cool selling secrets, since I’m done with the buying phase of my life. Mostly.


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