One way to go about downsizing

Over at DailyKos today, blogger Timroff describes what he and his wife are doing this weekend, as they prepare to move from a 4 bedroom home with full basement to a 2 bedroom apartment with little storage:

So how does one decide what stays and what goes?

What we did was take some graph paper and a copy of the apartment’s layout and dimensions, then we measured all of our furniture and cut out shapes to match. (see, those thousands of hours of D&D playing finally paid off!) We then positioned the furniture on the layout and feng shui’ed until we were happy with what we were looking at.

We then took the many little pieces of paper that were left over, matched them to their counterparts in reality and labelled them “for sale.” I then spent the last three days slowly moving it all into the garage. We’re going to be selling a Futon, a desk, a large office chair, a dining room table, and two sets of storage shelving. We’re also sending a twin bed, drawing table and a large overstuffed chair to Dania’s parents’ basement thus using up all of the storage we have available to us.

He also tackles their stockpile of books . I like his discernment process (bolded):


Dania and I own more than 500 books — with shelving for only about 350 of them. So we went through every single title, and asked ourselves whether we would buy that book today at full price from the local bookstore? If the answer was yes, it got packed away for the move. If not, we considered whether we thought we might read it again, or is it was worth keeping for our children-to-be? If no, it went on the sell pile.

The storage shelves are now covered with books for the house sale …. Anything that doesn’t sell will be taken to the local Half Price Books, so they’ll hopefully all find a good home.

We went thru the same process with our clothes, our kitchen items, our tools, and virtually everything else we owned, including three of my six guitars, a guitar monitor, and my entire beer glass collection (we have better ones that match that we’re keeping). We’re basically channelling¬† the Clean House crew now, and more and more stuff is piling into the garage — so much that the car spent last night outside for the first time since we bought it.

Since I don’t watch TV, I’ve never seen this show, but there were some inspiring videos at the Clean House link. The strategy seems to be to pull out the small percentage of any category of goods that you MUST keep, and let the rest go. Which makes more sense than asking yourself, “could I part with this?” – because the answer to that question is too often NO!

The Clean House clutter-clearing sessions always seem to end with a blow-out garage sale. I could get behind that!


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