Ruling out a condo…

condosWhen you have to make a decision, it can be easier if you first eliminate some of the options.

My current options:

1. Remain in my 3000 sq ft home

  • gradually spend all my money to keep the place up or
  • rent two rooms to help with expenses

2. Sell my home and  then:

  • buy a much smaller house
  • buy a condo
  • rent an apartment
  • rent a house
  • move into some sort of adult community
  • move in with an adult child or friend

I have no adult child with an extra room, and I’d have to be really hard up to ask a friend to let me move in, so that option is out.

I am not old enough, and may never be old enough in spirit, to live in an adult community.  Yecchh! That option is scratched.

And last night I scratched the condo idea from the list, after visiting a friend who lives in a very nice condo of just four townhouses.

It was great at first, she said. But then the quiet older woman next door sold her place to a noisy and disagreeable couple. The couple was friends with the people on the other side of them, and they sided with the new couple at condo meetings.  Condo meetings have become very unpleasant, needless to say.

The covenant is extremely restrictive – it won’t allow my friend to knock out a wall between the kitchen and dining area, which would open the place up significantly.  She can’t even change the curtains in the front window.

Another friend belongs to a much larger condo association, where 30% of the units have gone empty.  As a result everyone’s condo fees have skyrocketed, to cover the costs of the empty units.

So I’ve scratched the condo option. That leave me with

a) rent out rooms (which still leaves me with a lot of responsibility I don’t want, though it’s a temporary alternative)

b) buy a little house (but to do so will be near impossible until this one sells)

c) rent an apartment or small house (not easy because it means paying rent as well as house payments till the house sell)

More and more it looks like the only feasible option is to rent rooms while I fix the place up to sell (and get rid of lots of crap), put it on the market and when it sells see what’s left in my pocket for my next living space.

Argh. I want so to have a specific place in mind, so I know what MUST go and what will fit into the new place.


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