Custom header picture by Splodge

My blogfriend, Splodge, over in England, offered to illustrate my downsizing journey by drawing a custom header image for this WordPress theme. Although we know each other only on line, she’s managed to capture – in 770 by 200 pixels – what I’m trying to accomplish – and the carefree feeling I’ll have when I’ve off-loaded most of my stuff.  She’s got Molly (my dog) and Bama the cat nailed.

Thank you Splodge! You rock!!



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4 responses to “Custom header picture by Splodge

  1. This is a terrific picture, Joy. Original is always best.

    When I moved to Vancouver from Portland, I still had a bunch of furniture I couldn’t get rid of. I called the Salvation Army and they came and got it. They are picky about what they’ll take, though.


  2. I’m so glad you like it! I respect your opinion on such matters. We’re having a great time working together on this, and we don’t even know each other except by our blogs. Amazing.

  3. Splodge!

    As you’ve said previously, it’s amazing what one can tell about a person from what they write.

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