Craigslist and Goodwill: friends of the downsizer

goodwill pile

When my son vacated his room as he headed out for parts unknown, he left me with a big bag of stuff to give away. Inspired by his pile, I added some of my own stuff from the garage (including a large non-descript picture frame that’s been waiting for just the right size piece of art for about ten years…) and a few things from my closet.

I put it all in the car and drove straight to Goodwill.  Feels so good!

Craigslist is working only on the inexpensive oddball stuff. Today a woman came all the way over from a town south of Portland to buy my two zinc florist buckets for $15… and she doesn’t even know what she’s going to use them for!

If I were paid for the time it takes to write up the listing, the net price I get for the stuff would probably be $0, but for now I’m enjoying the baby steps.

Listed the humongo McGuire desk again last night for $350. So far not a nibble on , however.  Eating humble pie – from $1000 to $850 to $350. I’m getting close to groveling, saying,  “FREE!!! just carry the !@#$% thing outta here!”

McGuire Desk

McGuire Desk



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3 responses to “Craigslist and Goodwill: friends of the downsizer

  1. Susan

    It is a beautiful desk. I’d love to have it in my office: but the shipping costs would be a fortune.
    Is that a P-touch label maker sitting on the left side of the desk? Neat little machines, aren’t they.

    • P-Touch. Oh yeah! I even wrote about it as a P-word a few months back. Yesterday a woman from church, knowing I do feng shui and organizing sorts of things, called me for advice on a labeler. I told her to get the basic P-Touch.

      Today at coffee hour she came up to me just bubbling with excitement – she found it on sale at Staples for $15 (!) and spent the next 8 hours labeling everything. Two people overheard us talking and one was another P-Touch nut and the other got so inspired she planned to head to Staples as soon as she finished her coffee.

      I tried to warn them that the tape ain’t cheap…

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