Cute little house: Found. But now what?

706 W30This afternoon my realtor friend Lee took me to see a cute little 1920s house in the neighborhood I want (I think). Unlike the cute little dump I saw a couple of weeks ago, this place has had most of the glaring problems repaired. The hardwood floors are newly refinished and the paint colors are very close to what I might chose for myself. The basement is even dry and has no mildew smell.

The price is even right. Less than $200,000. (For the moment forget that the kitchen needs some major work – and let’s forget that the stated 1600 square feet is actually about 800 on the main floor and 800 in the partially finished basement – and I’m not much into basements.)

BUT. I can’t afford two homes, and my current home will not sell overnight in this climate unless I practically give it away. And damn it – I may have to give away the humongo-desk, but I’m not handing over the keys to the house.

So, I need to prepare for Plan B.  Get the house ready to sell, and once it does, which could take a year, trust that I’ll find what I want fairly quickly – which could even be a rental.



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3 responses to “Cute little house: Found. But now what?

  1. Susan

    Could you find a renter for the big house? and rent for enough to pay the mortgage/taxes/etc on the big house while trying to sell it?

  2. What’s becoming clear is that this is a terrible time to sell. Just in my immediate neighborhood I can see three for sale signs.

    Trying to sell while the house is occupied by renters… Probably a lose-lose: they’ll be annoyed by the intrusion, and it’s not in their best interest to keep it ready to show at any moment, thus losing what they perceive to be their own home (albeit temporarily).

  3. June

    Next year we plan to sell our house first, then rent until we find somewhere to love – then wave a wodge of cash under the seller’s nose tempting them to drop the price in exchange for immediate purchase and no chain. At least that’s the plan.

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