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Downsizing doldrums…

It’s been hot, I’ve been way too busy, and downsizing is just not happening right now:

Cat rests, by gianluca neri

Cat rests, by gianluca neri

By its very nature, downsizing isn’t the most uplifting of activities, which means that it’s ever so easy to succumb to activities more pressing and fun than tossing things you love.

Last weekend it was a hike in the Columbia River Gorge at the peak of wildflower season. This week it’s been crises at church and preparation for the sermon I’m delivering on Sunday.

I’m already preparing my excuse for next week: a garden that has just gone nuts – everything blooming, growing, spreading, climbing – from veggies to the world’s healthiest weeds.  When it comes to spreading their seed, weeds wait for no man – or for no woman who’s trying to downsize.

On the one hand, the glory of my garden is a major reason I want to stay here; on the other hand, my garden’s demands are a major reason I want to sell this place.  You can see my problem.

What’s your excuse for not doing what you’re supposed to be doing?

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