Sold one more thing

Garden Way Cart

Garden Way Cart

Baby steps, I tell myself, baby steps.  I posted the cart on Craigslist and probably should have priced it higher because eight people responded excitedly in short order. But the cart has  lived outside for fifteen years and my son had scoffed at its saleability. “Who would want that old thing??? You should pay someone to come get it!”

So I asked $35 for it and could have gotten $50.

If I were to sell, donate, or toss one item a day, I’d be fully down-sized by maybe 2050. Down into my grave, actually.

Perhaps I need to pick up the pace?

Especially motivated since yesterday, when I went on a house tour  in the downtown neighborhood where I’d like to live, once I sell this place…

The Hough (pronounced “howk”) neighborhood is waking up from a generation or more of neglect. Nobody wanted an old Craftsman bungalow from the 1920s, because McMansions were the hot thing around here.

Then the market collapsed.

But now those cute little bungalows are HOT,  people are doing fabulous renovations and the neighborhood is really coming up. Six homes were on the tour and I could have been happy in any of them, though three were really too big.

Between my travel lust and now bungalow lust the motivation is getting stronger. I begin to see that alternatives to my current life could be extremely attractive…



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4 responses to “Sold one more thing

  1. Susan

    I don’t know about this: if you had kept the cart, it might have been a strong selling point in your going the WorkOnOrganicFarms thing: “Good worker, has own cart”.

  2. This is almost a good idea, Susan. The question is how I transport myself AND the cart… so far I envision two options:

    1. I put all my portable belongings into the cart and strap it to my back as if it were a wheeled backpack.

    2. I get into the cart, super-inflate the two tires, add a mast and sail across the seas.

    • Susan

      I’d vote for option 2.: except, where are these WOOF places? If there aren’t any in Japan, China or Russia, it could be a very long ocean voyage!? You’d better pack a few books. And wait until after you’ve harvested and dried all those beans, grapes and tomatoes to take with you.

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