The $ound of $ilence

New front door in proce$$

New front door in proce$$ - not yet painted or reshingled

It’s one thing to blog about downsizing; it’s something else to slog through it.

The current plan is to put the house on the market in two weeks.  So my silence is all about the mad da$h to get the place ready to show – in$talling a new front door, repairing some cracked $iding, pre$$ure wa$hing all my $idewalks and patio, cleaning carpet$, wa$hing oriental rug$, moving furniture.

The outflow is offset by a little income from Craigslist sales. A grand total of $703, so far. (For goods probably worth ten times that, in earlier times). For example someone bought this Victorian curio cabinet I’ve had for decades, stuffed with “curios”, better known as tschotchkes (how DO you spell that??). Curios now cover the dining table.  It’s like that. Sell one thing, displace 500 others that spill all over.

"Curios" without a home

"Curios" without a home

A lot of stuff has gone for free – donated or given away. The baby grand piano leaves Friday for a long vacation at the spacious home of a friend who is a fabulous classical pianist and looks forward to doing two-piano pieces with another friend.

The humongo McGuire desk went to live in Astoria with a young couple who are opening a real estate law practice and needed a formal desk for the kinds of  signing rituals real estate loves. Mazeltov! Its credenza friend awaits an eager adopter in the garage.

Meanwhile, I’ve gone from TWO huge desks to one tiny one plus a lateral file. And a shitpile of paper and office supplies on the floor, seeking a home. Here’s just part of one pile…

Heap o' crap

Heap o' crap


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