Freecycling – for the leftovers no one wants to pay for

free chairFreecycle is the savior of the downsizer who doesn’t want to haul stuff to the landfill when someone somewhere might just be able to use your mis-matched but perfectly sittable old kitchen chair.

The Yahoo Freecycle group in my community has relieved me of a number of oddball items that aren’t worth listing on Craigslist, even for free because they get lost in the barage of listings.

On Freecycle, you just post an email “Offer: 8×10 white carpet (neighborhood).” In the body of the email you add a sentence describing the item in more detail. About ten people respond and you pick the one to tell where it is and how to get it.

After the item is gone, you post: “Taken: 8×10 white carpet (neighborhood)” and the emails stop.

So far I’ve relieved my house of the carpet, a rectangle of Marmoleum, a legal file cabinet, a postcard photo album from the 1900s, some ceramic plant pots, a wood planter box. And if my neighbor’s yard sale on Saturday doesn’t get rid of another load of crap, I’ll offer what’s left as well.

My garage crap stash is thinning out!  Next week I tackle the kitchen, bathrooms and “hobby” room. Could be ugly.


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