Piano gone; hole in the living room

How we gonna get this sucker out of here?

How we gonna get this sucker out of here?

One of the several reasons I bought a house too big for one person is that I had two out-sized precious possessions which demanded space.

One is my grandfather’s gorgeous dining room table, which seats 10 comfortably  (and that’s before adding two leaves!) and which my daughter wants as soon as SHE gets a bigger home.

The other is the Steinway baby grand that my mom bought in 1936 with her $1000 college graduation gift ($990 for the piano, $10 for the bench).  In 1996 she gave it to my youngest, who is a gifted pianist.

Of course he went off to college and it didn’t fit in his dorm room. It also didn’t fit in his post-college apartment. And now it certainly doesn’t fit in the backpack he’s been carrying around Europe since May.  So I have it.

Or had it. My realtor hemmed and hawed about it.
“Er, you know, uh, that the living room would look much bigger without a LARGE piano in it…”  So I found a friend who is going to piano-sit until Wylie gets back AND finds a place to live where it will fit.

Unless he plans to sleep under it.

With the piano gone, and the curio cabinet, the living room looks ready for an eager buyer’s eyes. So do a couple of other rooms in the house.


Unfortunately, in making those rooms lean and gorgeous, the detritus had to go somewhere. Oh yeah. One heap o’ crap is on my office floor, and another bigger heap is in the spare room.

I keep telling myself it’s just a process – one step at a time…


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