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Sold! In ten days!!

The sign is up; it's official.

Sign should now read "Sale Pending".

I am stunned and tremendously relieved. Yes, it’s a wonderful feel-good home. Yes, I feng shui’d the heck out of it. Yes, I think we priced it right. Still, in this funky down market, to get two basically full-price offers almost immediately is miraculous.

The average time on the market in my town was 158 days in August. I told my realtor that if the house didn’t sell by Halloween (75 days from listing) I would take it off the market because living in a house that’s on the market is like living in a museum. That’s about 60 days over my good behavior limit as Miss Super-Anal-Tidybutt.

When you live in a house that’s on the market¬† you can’t touch anything because at any moment the realtor could call with a client. You must make your bed the moment you climb out of it, clear the sink of dirty dishes the instant you finish eating, mow the lawn obsessively. You can’t cook odiferous foods. I loaned out my dog because she tracks in dirt and turns her corner of the carpet gray overnight.

One of the two offers wanted to move in in just five weeks. EEEK. (Also Repubicans – which doesn’t really fit the vibe of the house).

The other offer came from the Democratic State Rep in whose district I live – and for whom I hosted a fund-raising coffee here last fall because he’s a great guy. He has two little girls, 5 & 8, who think that there may be fairies in the yard.¬† My kind of family.

They wanted a closing date of December 15, which suits me fine, because I’ve got to unload a LOT of STUFF.

But that’s a topic for the next chapter in this down-sizing epic.


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