Downsizing begins in earnest now

Unpleasant realization:  I’ve still got a buttload of Stuff.

In order to show the house I had to move out a buttload –  and I did: actually sold, tossed, or donated (some of) it.

Unfortunately, the Stuff that came off the top was the easy Stuff – things that were ugly, unloved, unused, broken, obsolete, grubby, oversized. Like the humongo McGuire desk, for example. Or the books I should have read in college and still haven’t got to. Or the reports I wrote on the job three decades ago.

Easy, peasy.

Now comes the Hard Stuff. My Precious. My many Preciouses, actually. The beautiful bench my grandfather brought from Italy right after the Depression – almost too lovely to sit on. All those things that cost $$$$ and are now worth ¢¢.  The art on my walls. The art and gifts made by my kids. Cookware and tableware. Many more books and notebooks. The chair I rescued from the curb and reupholstered into a comfy beauty.  My Distinguished Toastmasters plaque. I could go on and on.

Some I will keep, but probably 60% of what’s left from Phase One must go.  And probably half of what I stashed in the storage unit to go through “later” must also go.

If I were a drinking woman, I’d be throwing back a stiff one about now. But I’ll wait till sunset for my little dram of wine. Sigh.



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2 responses to “Downsizing begins in earnest now

  1. How’s it going? Hope you’re not letting it get the better of you – envisaging you fighting your way out from beneath a pile of beautiful preciousesss.

  2. Yup. That’s me. Fighting out from under the Preciouses. The blog silence is actually more due to my deciding the hell with down-sizing for the moment. I took a week’s trip to the east coast to visit my sister, my cousins, and my elderly aunt. Lots of laughs, gorgeous fall foliage, and some fabulous seafood. Next week I will be in California babysitting for my 2 grandkids. THEN I’m gonna knuckle down. For real!! New post coming tomorrow though.

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