Come ‘n’ Git It! Everything must go!

Late this afternoon about 30 friends passed through my nearly empty house for a “Come ‘n’ Git It” party.

My friend Judi and I arranged on several tables all the stuff I wanted to free myself from.  I’d invited people via email and Facebook a few days earlier, asking that they bring food or drink to share as well, since I had packed my kitchenware.

My cleverest idea was to let everyone know that half of the proceeds from the moving sale would go to a local charity we all support. Guests were asked to donate into a basket what they thought was a reasonable price for their take-home treasures.

We had a fun party and because a good cause was involved my guests probably paid twice as much as they otherwise would have. The educational foundation “I Have a Dream” got $220, I got $220, and Goodwill got the last of the stuff, kindly delivered to them by one of the last guests.

Everybody wins, and I’m rid of yet another buttload of Stuff. Another dent in the mountain.



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4 responses to “Come ‘n’ Git It! Everything must go!

  1. Such a cool idea and excellent end results. You should write a ‘how to’ book now that you have all this experience.

  2. I wish I’d had the time and energy to take more notes and photos. There were some “great” moments…

  3. Great idea and sale, Joy! You held it on Gary’s birthday and he thought that your heavy duty, orange extension cords were the BEST present I could possibly of given him! Who knew?! He loved the long-handled garden trowel, too. We look forward to your return!

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