About GTL

Downsizing isn’t easy. It involves a complete transformation of your perspective on what is important, what is expendable, and even who you are as a person. For a variety of reasons, including $$$, I must sell my beloved 3000 sq ft home (and 1/3 acre of gardens) and find much smaller digs.

Blogging about the process keeps me moving forward, helps me reflect on this deep change, and might even help others on a similar path.  Conversely, you who have been there before me might have wisdom to share.

Please join me on this journey!

P.S. My blogfriend, InkSplodge, over in England, drew the header image for Getting to Less.  Although she and I know each other only on line, she’s managed to capture – in 770 by 200 pixels – what I’m trying to accomplish in the downsizing process – and the carefree feeling I’ll have when I’ve off-loaded most of my stuff.  She’s got Molly (my dog) and Bama the cat nailed. Thank you Splodge!

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