Sold! Donated! Tossed!

nordictrack1I will feel better if I can track my divestiture progress.  What have I actually sold, what did I give away and to whom, and what have I just chucked? I’ve been downsizing my stuff for a couple of months, but I’m starting the list this last week of April, 2009.

Already the take-away lesson is shockingly clear: the value of a purchase plunges steeply the minute you take it out of its wrapper at home — and if you need to sell it, expect little or nothing in return.

Buying something new makes NO sense any more unless you plan to use the thing to death.  It’s much much smarter to buy used if you must have it, or to rent, borrow or share if you need it only briefly.

As of today I’ve pocketed about $700 for merchandise that probably cost $7,000 new:

Date Item description Outcome Who got it
04/24/09 Oak printer cart 20 Craigslist
04/28/09 Nordic track Walkfit treadmill 50 Craigslist
04/29/09 20 books 74 Powells
04/29/09 Epson Perfection scanner Gift Friend
04/30/09 Box of sheet music Donate Arts School
04/30/09 2 Boxes of books rejected by Powells Donate Friends of Library
04/30/09 1 box of music too tattered to donate Recycle Recycle place
05/20/09 2 bags of clothes, picture frame, TV tray Donate Goodwill
05/20/09 Christmas tree stand, wicker basket Donate Goodwill
05/24/09 Zinc florist buckets 15 Craigslist
05/22/09 20 books 54 Powells
05/25/09 4 PVC pipes and elbows Gift Landscaper
06/13/09 Garden Way Cart 35 Craigslist
06/19/09 Tall antique oak dresser 35 Craigslist
06/19/09 Antique oak dresser 35 Craigslist
06/19/09 Antique oak side table 35 Craigslist
06/19/09 Pine dresser 30 Craigslist
06/19/09 Pair of 20-lb dumbbells 15 Craigslist
07/15/09 Duck weathervane 75 Craigslist
07/15/09 Oak curio cabinet 95 Craigslist
07/15/09 Wood crib 50 Craigslist
07/20/09 2 boxes of books to Unitarian Church Donate UU Church of Vancouver
07/20/09 Fish poacher 20 Craigslist
07/20/09 McGuire Desk 0 Craigslist
08/02/09 Books 65 Powells
08/02/09 3 boxes books Donate Friends of Library

4 responses to “Sold! Donated! Tossed!

  1. Gretchen

    Honeybun, you are, quite likely, in for a loooonnnng haul to Value Village, Divine Consign, Powells and other bookstores, etc. etc. Idea: Have a free day. Set aside a bunch of nicer stuff to clear out. Invite friends over to take what they want. (Don’t invite me; I won’t be hurt.)

    I’ve been downsizing in big and small steps for 9 or 10 years. Made the mistake of buying this place which is too big for us, but I still like to get rid of stuff. I love your commitment to never buying anything new again–oops you just bought a lovely teal wrap. But I get your drift.

    The real spiritual challenge is simply letting go just for the satisfaction of clarity and freedom–not relying on receiving anything for it. Ahhhh. Often in my downsize journey I’ve arrived at that place simply out of desperation!! Only the occasional twinge of regret.

    Plod on dear friend.

  2. Gretchen, what a super idea to have a give-away party! And I loved this thought, which deserves a whole post:

    “The real spiritual challenge is simply letting go just for the satisfaction of clarity and freedom–not relying on receiving anything for it.”

    It’s all a big exercise of vairagya (non-attachment), which I wish I’d learned BEFORE I attached myself to so much STUFF.

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