What doesn’t work

If you’re downsizing you may have noticed that certain issues keep holding you back, dragging you down. These are some of my biggest stuck places:

  1. Lack of clarity on the goal (where do I want to end up living?)
  2. Lack of commitment (probably because of #1)
  3. Lack of money (how I got into this process in the first place)
  4. Lack of support from a partner (ditto to #3)
  5. Lack of single-minded focus (too many other easier, more interesting things to do)

Probably the overarching issue is lack of clarity. Do I want to rent or buy? Apartment, condo, house? In pedestrian-friendly, culture-laden Portland or in less-expensive, where-my-community-is Vancouver?  How much space is essential? Must I have a garden? Until I resolve this question the motivation is weak…

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