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Purchasing Paroxsyms

Purchase: (need I tell you it means buy buy buy, the American pastime?)

Paroxsym: a fit, attack, or sudden increase or recurrence of symptoms

I need… No, I WANT to purchase a projector. I have a list of semi-rational reasons for “needing” this electronic gadget, only one of which would bring in any money.

  • $$ I could put it into service to promote my feng shui consulting services and to teach classes. It would take four consultations to pay for itself.
  • I could use it at Toastmasters for more professional presentations.
  • I could use it for social gatherings to show travel and family photos.
  • I could project DVDs from my laptop and (if I buy TV receiver) I could use it instead of a TV. Of course I watch almost zero TV.
  • I’m supporting the sagging US economy…

I discussed the proposed projector purchase with my daughter: “Mom,” she said, “are you down-sizing or up-sizing?”

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