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Eating my words: I want to go home!

I loved the idea of being footloose and fancy free, of downsizing to so little Stuff that I could live happily in a carefree studio apartment or tiny cottage with just a handful of my most special Things around me.

I loved the idea of being so unshackled to Home and Stuff that I could pick up at a moment’s notice and go to Italy, India, or indeed Indianapolis. Well, maybe not Indianapolis. But wherever the whim wafted me.

I thought house-sitting for others would also be a workable option. Take care of their pets and plants in exchange for a place to stay.

The house-sitting thing hasn’t been so great though. In turns out that I’m still a nester at heart. My own nest. It’s one thing to live out of a suitcase when you’re traveling, as I was for a month.  But when I returned to the community I call home, I re-entered the world of obligations and responsibilities. Where were my files? my printer? easy internet access?unrumpled clothes?

Worse, I didn’t enjoy cooking in someone else’s kitchen without my favorite knife or Caphalon skillet. I missed my radio and CD collection. I worried that my cat would scratch their favorite chair. I wanted my own bed. In short, I was getting crabby.

In the nick of time I fell in love. With a house.  A darling Craftsman, built in 1926, updated in 2002. Great walkable neighborhood, close to everything. Many friends nearby. It is 30% smaller than my last house, and the yard is about 1/5 as big.

I made an offer, they countered, then I countered and they accepted. I move this weekend.

The amazing thing is that most of the furniture that I saved from my former house fits beautifully here. In fact, I’m having to retract some of the furniture I’d planned to give my peripatetic son, because I will have a second bedroom for guests after all.

So… I’ve gotten to a lot less, but not as LESS as I originally intended. My excuse is that one must ease carefully into these transitions…


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Cute little house: Found. But now what?

706 W30This afternoon my realtor friend Lee took me to see a cute little 1920s house in the neighborhood I want (I think). Unlike the cute little dump I saw a couple of weeks ago, this place has had most of the glaring problems repaired. The hardwood floors are newly refinished and the paint colors are very close to what I might chose for myself. The basement is even dry and has no mildew smell.

The price is even right. Less than $200,000. (For the moment forget that the kitchen needs some major work – and let’s forget that the stated 1600 square feet is actually about 800 on the main floor and 800 in the partially finished basement – and I’m not much into basements.)

BUT. I can’t afford two homes, and my current home will not sell overnight in this climate unless I practically give it away. And damn it – I may have to give away the humongo-desk, but I’m not handing over the keys to the house.

So, I need to prepare for Plan B.  Get the house ready to sell, and once it does, which could take a year, trust that I’ll find what I want fairly quickly – which could even be a rental.


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