I’d love to hear your comments, downsizing stories & tips, so don’t be shy. Even if you’re commenting on a post I wrote months ago, I’ll see it and respond.

(You don’t have to register on WordPress, and you can use an alias if you prefer anonymity.  Nothing to buy, no one sending spam. )

3 responses to “Feedback?

  1. How about this for synchronicity: I just finished reading the article about how happiness is contagious (didn’t we learn years ago that it runs in a circular motion?) and then I clicked onto your website where you had posted the Precise article I’d just read. Perhaps more than happiness is contagious. I would like to assign “prolific” for your 365th word!

    Love, Cassandra

  2. Ryan

    I read through your recent adventures in selling your home. I’m in the process of selling my house to move in with my girlfriend. In reading your article about feng shui tips I’ve discovered where I’ve gone wrong. I haven’t let go of “my” house yet. I still love it and I’ve come to the realization I haven’t let go yet. Thanks for inadvertently pointing that out!

    Good luck with your next home. 🙂

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